Women of Vancouver, BC – don’t miss this!

FREE live educational lectures by REAL experts are coming your way!

WomenSense is thrilled to announce the return of the FREE Women’s Health Show Series taking place throughout Vancouver during the last week of March. REAL physicians and expert contributors share the latest and GREATEST tips for women of all ages on managing stress, nutrition/detoxification, healthy aging, and so much more – LIVE!

What we have planned for you…

Join us for educational lectures featuring our naturopathic doctors and nutritionist who specialize in the holistic support of women throughout every stage in life.

The 2019 Women’s Health Show’s HOT topics include:

  • Lower Your Biological Age – Get Younger This Year!
  • The 8-Week Program to Detox Your Life
  • Could Balancing Hormones be Simpler Than We Think?

The Women’s Health Show is full of information and education. It’s also very interactive…the people who come here not only get a chance to talk to the doctors and nutritionists but they also get to try out products and ask questions about their health and how they can incorporate some of these ideas into their life.”

Karlene Karst

BSc Nutrition and Founder of Sealicious Omega Nutrition

Vancouver’s Karlene Karst is a regular contributor to WV Magazine and will be offering cooking demonstrations titled: How to Eat More Plants, Seed to Sauce: Tasty Ways to Enjoy Nuts and Seeds and Delicious Healthy Breakfast to Jump Start Your Day.

Bigger than ever before!

Over 5,000 women attended our last shows which included samples, demonstrations, and talks to inspire and empower them through education and sharing. 

After three years of consecutive success, we have expanded our events to three different locations to better serve you. Attend the show that’s best for you, or better yet, attend them all! 

Get your tickets early to avoid disappointment!


Don’t miss out! Join us.

Make 2019 the year of your best health, ever!

You don’t want to miss it – but don’t take our word for it! Here’s what last year’s guests had to say:

“I think it says a lot that it’s free because (Women’s Voice Magazine) is focusing on health and not putting money into their pocket.”

“The guest speakers were AMAZING – I even picked up a couple of the books!”

“I hope that (The Women’s Health Show) continues for years to come!”

“Going to the different booths, seeing all the different products that I had never seen before, and learning about their benefits – AND knowing that they are available at my local health food store – was really good!”

 The 3rd Annual Women’s Health Show has it all!

Don’t miss out on this incredible event! Space is limited, register now to avoid disappointment. We can’t wait to see you there!